Whilst completing my line exercise I experimented with taking pictures of ‘people’, I usually omit people from my images . When I was trying to consider my personal voice I looked at what images I am draw to it, I love looking at a mixture of photographs but the ones that hold my attention are almost always of people, either as street scenes or portraits yet strangely other than family snaps I tend to take neither. I am quite shy so this concerns me however I decided to test it out and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it , The images that really stood out to me were the images I took of a homeless man, the shadow of the street light directs you towards him as he sits in a doorway, the smoke from his cigarette blending with his beard, and one of a young lad working at the market, the lighting or perhaps the boys colouring reminded me of Eggleston’s trolley boy image.

I hope to practise this style more and see where it takes me…




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