‘Square mile’ re-work planning

I am trying to decide whether to stick to my original square mile theme with a few re-takes or to explore a new square mile. The thing I am struggling most with from the feedback is finding and showing my personal viewpoint and taking more risks.

I will look into the suggested reading list and explore the photography of Tim Walker, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore and Walker Evans to see if this can lend me a new perspective.

My thoughts on reworking my original theme of childhood would be to present images that resonate with my childhood against my children’s childhood side by side.

If I were to simply use the childhood images I have already taken and re-select based on stronger composition and delivery of ideas it would be the images below, I have added text to strengthen the concept.

Home is where the heart is, safe and secure
A short trip to the swings, laughter and fun
Family days fishing, not a care in the world
Hop Scotch in the ally, finally allowed out to play on our own.
Building our den out of sight , out of mind.
Hanging around trying out ‘adult’ for size


Childhood is like the horse, fenced in, pretty and safe but we long for the dangerous, fast, grown up world that the car represents.


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