Select six or eight images that you feel work well individually as compositions and also together as a set. If you have software for making contact sheets you might like to present them as a single composite image. Add the images to your learning log together with technical information such as camera settings, and one or two lines containing your thoughts and observations.

This has confused me slightly as I am not sure if this is meant to be from the pictures I shot in exercise 1.4 frame or other images? I have used some pictures I took on my LX-100 a short while ago before completing this exercise to see if I can find any composition elements. The images below use line to track the eye along the images and a sense of depth, and in the ferry sign and crates I have tried to flatten the focal plane. They work well together as set, I did notice however the amount of images I have taken that are not composed so well now that I better understand how to look at my images in a more analytical way.


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