William Eggleston portraits

I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to the National Portrait Gallery while I left the children hunting for Pokémon in St James’ Park.

The gallery was extremely busy but the photographs were amazing, so much better to see them in person to really appreciate them. His use of colour and the composition of the photographs really interested me, I have discovered a few new favourites. I would like the chance to go back and view these again on a quieter day to fully appreciate them more.

His first ‘practise’ colour photo was apparently the photo of the trolley boy in Memphis, Tennessee, wow, I love the golden light hitting his face and casting the trolley boys shadow in profile onto the side of the store. It makes me think this is the evening light and he is bringing the trollies in for the night. Is the out of focus lady behind too late to shop? The car park behind does appear empty.

The photograph of Marcia Hare in the floral dress laid out on the lawn is another photograph I was drawn to. The way that the focus is just on her face and across her arms toward her camera. The buttons on her dress standing out. Was she laying out catching the sun, was this the after effects of a party or was she high maybe? There is a sense of peaceful euphoria in the image.

A few other stand outs were the well groomed lady sitting on the kerb besides the chained up pole, it seems so contrasted and the photograph of Eggleston’s uncle with his driver just behind him mirroring his pose.






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