Book list

I seem to have built up quite a reading collection which I am gradually working through as well as the odd dip in and out of books. I am finding that it is often easier to dip in and out. My list of books obtained and being used for research is as follows:

Why it does not have to be in focus – Jackie Higgins

How to read a photograph – Ian Jeffrey

Icons of photography the 20th century – Prestel press

Reading photographs – Richard Salkeld

Behind the image – Anna Fox and Natasha Caruana

Photography the definitive visual history – Tom Ang

Approaching photography – Paul Hill

The photography reader – Liz Wells

Complete guide to digital photography – Ian Farrell

Photography – John Ingledew

Contemporary photographers – St James press

The genius of photography – Gerry Badger

Read this if you want to take great photographs – Henry Carroll

Photography: The new basics – Graham Diprose and Jeff Robins

The photograph – Graham Clarke

The photograph as contemporary art – Charlotte Cotton

Photography the whole story – Juliet Hacking




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