Initial shots- childhood

Many of my initial shots from the River Cray have found a place in my childhood series that I am exploring. Overall I am happy with many of the shots although I am exploring whether I would prefer these to be in black and white.

I initially printed my first drafts in colour, they are heavily saturated but this is due to the images appearing differently on my computer screen so I am glad that I printed them on paper to realise this. The more I look at them the more I actually quite like the heavy saturation, it’s not my usual style but I am getting increasingly drawn to it.

I experimented with printing the pictures in a smaller size in black and white and interestingly I found I was able to immediately focus on fewer images. There is a vintage quality to the black and white photos, almost timeless, that I really like.

All of my photos so far have been devoid of people, I have been focused on exploring my past and it was interesting to explore and try to find the areas that were so intrinsic to my childhood. Some places no longer exist but it was an emotional journey visiting these places that are on my doorstep yet I have never revisited them. Travelling by car as an adult means that I do not traverse the same spaces and I no longer have a yearning to explore in quite the same way I did as a child.



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