Personal response

Personal response to research so far:

It may be apparent from my previous initial  research into photographers whom I have favoured for this particular project.

So far my mind map has been leading me in a very similar path to the work of Jodi Taylor although I also like the idea of exploring the perspective from childhoods today. This leads me to think about my own children and how they ‘hang out’ and what their own personal memories will be.

Engstroms diarist approach to people and places also interests me, as too are his notions of places changing over time which sits well with the ideas around childhood then and now.

Peter Mansell’s approach of using a different perspective can also work well, I can explore the different view-points from a child to an adult. Perhaps my view point can grow? There is a river which runs through our town which has in some way been part of my past at various times, this could be an idea to explore, a personal journey.

Barnard also explores this theme and the theme surrounding the change of views from childhoods and images. Landscapes change, people change and stories change but lives and roots are entwined. The addition of the written piece to accompany the photographs is also something I could explore.

Another concept I have considered whilst looking at my area and my childhood is the myths, legends and stories that passed from generation to generation. Are they still alive today, can I show in a photograph what is unseen? Can I depict it through photography and the written word, can I conjure the bogey man at the end of the alley?

What places in my square mile have I never opened my eyes to see? I have lived in the same area for almost all of my life, I am indifferent to it. It holds no fascination but perhaps that is what comes from familiarity. I am keen to also explore other ideas such as hidden places, evidence of history and roots as well as places that remain unchanged.

Suburbia (səˈbɜːbɪə) n (Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition, 2014)

  1. (Human Geography) suburbs or the people living in them considered as an identifiable community or class in society
  2. (Sociology) suburbs or the people living in them considered as an identifiable community or class in society
  3. (Sociology) the life, customs, etc., of suburbanites

The idea of suburbia, my area is predominately 1930’s suburbia, what is my vision of suburbia?

 ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes’ -Marcel Proust.


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