Introduction to HE

I think I have managed to get this learning log how I want it, clean and simple, and I think I understand enough of the basics to muddle through for now, fingers crossed.

So on to my first assignment,  having undertaken the online ‘Introduction to HE’ course I am now contemplating my choice for the research assignment. I feel like my brain is all over the place as I am already thinking ahead to my first Photography assignment ‘Square Mile’ as well as setting up this blog, getting myself prepared and thinking about this research project. Writing an essay is a skill I have not had to use for a very long time so I’ll be glad to oil the joints so to speak.


By the end of this section you should be able to:

  • demonstrate your use of skills introduced throughout the course
  • produce a collection of summary material developed from your research
  • write a short evaluation reflecting on your work and experience
  • use your learning log to collect, analyse, and reflect on material you’ve collected
  • use your learning log to prepare and present your finished work
  • use your learning log to reflect on your experience of the entire induction course.

I have chosen to research Helen Levitt, an American ‘Street photographer’.


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